Liebster Award

Recently I received a lovely email from Evan at Gourmet Dough nominating me for the liebster award. I have seen it floating around on line a few times, and love a good excuse for a chat, so was very excited 🙂 thanks Evan *waves*
Head on over and check out some of his recipes – I’d love to try his hot crossed buns one day!

Liebster is German for favourite so the plan is that ypu nominate your favourite blogs for a liebster award. The award is given by bloggers to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers!

Rules for accepting a Liebster Award:

◾Post 11 random facts about yourself

◾Answer the 11 questions the person that nominated you asked

◾Go back to the person that nominated you and let them know you have answered their questions with a link to the answers

◾Ask 11 questions for the bloggers you are going to nominate

◾Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.

◾Go to their blog and mention you have nominated them and give them a link to find the questions you have asked them and to find out more

Here are eleven random facts about myself…….

1.Coffee makes me cuckoo – I love it though, so I try just to drink it when I am tired, cos then it doesn’t have the same effect – it just helps me keep going!

2.I am super addicted to cartoons – mainly Disney ( yes I know I need to grow up ) but anything will do! Recently I have found and boy are they good at making me grin!

3.Despite loving food so much, I have some really odd issues – If I don’t want to eat something, and it can be absolutely anything, I cant, or itll make me feel ill, and often throw up. Completely psychological, as it can be something I usually happily eat, but don’t feel right about that day. Strange….

4.My favourite colour is green… or maybe purple…. Im also partial to a nice dusky pink 🙂

5.If I could do anything in this world itd probably not have a thing to do with food, though I hope I will always enjoy baking and cooking. I know produce will always be important to me. But I would love to have my own stables or kennels… making a living from the things I love best.

6.I love being outside, and hope to eventually have a pretty dining area outside under shelter so I can use it EVERYDAY

7.I don’t really understand why everyone enjoys watching the tennis…. Id like Andy Murray to win today, he seems like a nice chap – but Ill not be watching!

8.Rugby makes me go loopy! Shouting, screaming, jumping up & down… Im welsh – we’re programmed that way!

9.I tried to grow vegetables one year – I nurtured them from seed…. I ended up with NOTHING! I will try again one day… may have to invest in some ducks to eat the multiple slugs though!

10.Chocolate is my worst enemy – sometimes I just cant control myself!

11.Recently, I got Netflix – since then I have Ben ridiculously addicted to television series. Especially ‘lie to me’ – I’d love to learn more about micro expressions & body language.

And here are my questions 🙂

1. Who is your least favourite tv chef and why? – I am certainly no fan of Nigella Lawson. Actually, that’s unfair. Especially since I now own one of her books. However I just find her a little bit uncomfortable to watch. I understand sex sells – and I love a bit of eye candy as much as the rest of ya. But I just don’t g the licking her Ingres, in front of the fridge, in a dressing gown thing…. To be honest, I am probably just jealous… I don’t see my other half swooning over me stuffing my face with chocolate cake in bed…

2. Why did you start blogging? – I seemed to be spending more & more time reading blogs. And really wanted to get in on the action!

3. What is your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging? I have met some really super people along the way – there are some politics in the blogging world & I am not always the most social person in the world, so meet ups can be hard going…. Though the close friends, & special people I have met make up for that 100 fold.

4. What is the best advice you have ever been given? I’m not sure… No piece of advice stands out for me. But my parents have always helped me along. A good stable up bringing is so much better than any nugget of advice!

5. If I gave you £5000 right now, what would you buy? Gee whizz – I have no idea!! I’d probably treat myself to a trip to Spain to visit friends & sample lots more of the wonderful cuisine. Anything left over I would put into the house – field cottage needs a lot of love & tlc 🙂

6. What camera do you use? I use my iPhone camera ALOT – I know it’s pretty lazy of me, but I’m usually just snapping away. Planning isn’t my strong point 🙁 however I do have a lovely Nikon D3000 which I am trying to use more & more. She’s just kinda LARGE! I keep eying up new ones… Very greedy of me!

7. Describe yourself in one word. Temperamental lol

8. Name one thing that you want to achieve in the next year? I wanna make croissants!

9. What is your favourite Irish Food Blog and why? That really is a hard question. I enjoy so many! a year in redwood is one of my faves – cos I love Margaret & Alfie a lot. I spent a lovely couple of days with them last year, & have a special friendship with one of their sows Jemima I’m also enjoying Sunday mornings browsing a northern Irish food blog. little pink kitchen is also a super friendly little blog, full of bubbly love & great recipes!

10. Where do you get inspiration from? (For your blog or life in general) My surroundings play a huge part in who I am. I feel much more like myself living in field cottage than I ever have before.

11. Why do you love cooking? I’m not sure I have a clear cut reason – I enjoying feeding friends & family, and myself! I love planning a meal days ahead & collecting ingredients, I also enjoy trying to whip something up from what we have in the cupboards. And at the moment I particularly enjoy baking!

Now for my questions…. This might take a while!

1. What is the most important thing you have learnt via your blog?

2. My blog has changed & developed as time has gone on – has your blog worked out as you first thought it would?

3. What ingredient couldn’t you live without?

4. Have you / would you ever raise your own livestock for meat?

5. Did the horsemeat ‘scandal’ change the way you shop?

6. Do you always enjoy blogging? How do you stop it becoming a chore?

7. Where is your favourite place? It could be a country – or a more precise location?

8. Describe how you would spend a perfect day.

9. What is the best book you have read in the past year?

10. Describe your self as an animal? What do you imagine yourself to be most like?

11. What is your favourite flower? And why?

And now for my nominations! I found it hard to work out which blogs have more / less follows – so forgive me for blogs with more followers! I just picked some people I’d like to learn more about 🙂

1. Belfast mummy

2. our small holding adventures

3. the garden glutton

4. in an Irish home

5. stirring food

6. country baker mom

7. life on hushabye farm

8. something missing

9. the velvet moon baker

10. Ok so I’m bad at this – I give up! I nominate 9!