Little bits of London


1 )  i like sitting over the wing on the plane – dunno why – makes the view more interesting?

2)  the first night we went to see ‘We Will Rock You’ – i enjoyed it, but the ending was disappointing – i wanted more info on the baddies! ( my Dad leaving half way through cos he was super ill didnt help 🙁 )

3) super cute icecream & coffee vans out side of the British Museum

4) limoncello – need i say anymore?? i hope to make some of my very own some day soon


5) some crazy hummingbirds in a glass case in the Natural History Museum in London

6) some lovely sparkly to start of a day of rugby

7) a cheery looking rugby clan before the Heineken Cup Final

8) M & i – loving the ulster rugby tattoo 😉


9) the heineken cup final – not the best result 🙁 but a fabulous day & evening none the less – if a little bit too fuelled by beer!

10) A trip the the Victoria & Albert Museum – transport me back to 1870 now please 😀

11) & 12)  Pretty building 🙂 – & a very pretty coffee cup – totally in love w/ the V & A


13) a groovy contraption to stop you getting soup on your moustache!!!!

14) & 15) a lovely afternoon spent in Harrods IceCream Parlour

16) M cosying up to a Harrods bear


17) & 18) when we arrived home, everything was starting to look pretty

19) & 20) and the day after i was working a the Ulster Bride wedding fair in the new Titanic Building in Belfast – stunning weather, beautiful views AND i got the stand on the staircase 😉

a very nice little time was had 🙂