little treats

today i was feeling really sorry for myself

there is usually only one solution

retail therapy!!!!

and of course – of the kitchen or food kind…

we started fabulously with a great lunch at mourne seafood bar – belfast – ( review to follow )

and then a happy trip to hotel chocolat. – and a quick whip round tkmax

i was over joyed with my find of LAGUIOLE steak knives – i have been lusting after these for some time – i remember many moons ago seeing them in a local tkmaxx – however whenever i seem to look online they cost a small fortune! £8.99 for 6 – this was a happy moment 🙂 and yes, that is a can opener you spy, some times it is the little things….

these little gems are currently being well enjoyed! – exceedingly good! and at 50% off due to a short shelf life – they where a steal at £2.25

i challenge anyone to keep these in their house for longer than a day or two!

i also treated my self to a small set of their drinking chocolate – i am yet to try either of them – but geeee arent they sweet!

i adore the little hearts in the caramel drinking chocolate – though i dont know if i will be able to bring myself to melt them!

maybe they these would decorate a cupcake sweetly!