Northern Irish Adventures – Starting to Climb Slieve Donard

Slieve Donard Climb
Remember when I told you 
of the value of small adventures? Local adventures you can slip into your everyday?

I have been trying to maintain the momentum by keeping up the new experiences. No matter how fleeting…

Adventure seeking recently saw Jools and I going on a small hike near to her home in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. We had the little people with us – so had to take it easy. But it was probably for the best; as my levels of fitness leave a lot to be desired… I like to think of it as training for our up and coming trek to the top of Slieve Donard… no matter how ambitious that might be!

Starting to Climb Slieve Donard

Slieve Donard Climb 4

Slieve Donard is a big old hill. In fact, it is the tallest mountain in Ulster – and the 19th tallest in Ireland; The 29th highest in all of the British Isles! At its highest point, Slieve Donard is 849 m / 2,785 ft tall… That requires a certain level of fitness to tackle! AND TACKLE IT I WILL! One day…

Though never knowingly deterred, Jools and I set about a mini victory. We parked the car in Donard Park car park, bundled the small folk out of the car and set about going as high as their little legs would take them. ( Read: As far as the big people had the energy to go ).

Slieve Donard Climb 3

We followed the Glen River UPWARDS, all the way to the second bridge. A beautiful, yet slightly testing trek along the river banks. Steep enough to make you keep your wits about you, and for the mini folk to need a helping hand ( for the smallest ) and a watchful eye ( for the larger one ). It’s worth noting that this walk is along a river bank – so as well as being incredibly beautiful, it is also possible to access the water… both a good and a bad thing. Watch those small people!

It took us about an hour to reach the second bridge. But there was no rushing – and a comfort break for a breather and biscuits. As ya do! Followed by a teeny bit longer on the way back down again. Though we took the main track down, to make it a little easier. And there was a small protest half way . Not that I am surprised. My legs were aching and I hadn’t ran up the mountain, jumping from boulder to boulder like a little monkey!

Slieve Donard Climb 5

The Glen River

The Glen River provides the perfect distraction for the fact you are actually climbing the base of a mountain. The array of picturesque cascades and waterfalls slot perfectly into the surrounding woodland. I intend visiting again – to get myself onto a big rock in the middle of said river. A comfortable 1/2 hour enjoying the surroundings… #heavenly

The view isn’t too bad from the second bridge either…

Slieve Donard Climb 2

This walk was the first part of Glen River trail – watch out for when we eventually conquer the whole thing! Have you been on any little adventures recently? I’d love to hear about them ♥