lost my cupcake way

i love making cupcakes

but i havent made a moment to really think about making any properly recently

oh course i made them for the tearoom

but never too exciting – or venturing into different flavours together

so i am digging out alot of my old piccies – try to inspire myself to get my cupcake groove back on!

these cupcakes are from October 2009 – and where marshmallow filled and gluten free – the marshmallow filling kept the gluten free cake so nice and moist

some lemon cupcakes also from October 2009

some pretty sugarcraft and the resulting cupcakes from October 2010

and their accompanying chocolate friends

the ghost and bat minis from halloween 2010

some cupcakes from April 2011

lavender cupcakes from april 2010

coffee cupcakes april 2010

and some red velvets also from April 2010

these are all the piccies i can easily grab together from online

hopefully some point soon I will have some new pretties to share with you all

gotta get my cupcake mojo back 🙂