Macaron or Macaroon?

After making my first batch of Macaroons the other day, and doing a touch of web browsing I came to a scary realisation

Macaroons are not cool! πŸ™ In fact – when you search ‘i love macaroons’ on google – they actually change your search to ‘i love macarons’ instead!!

Just one google image search comes up with a collection of funny little tit bits pointing out just why Macarons are better! Check out this one – my personal fav lol


( source )

The very reason I love Macaroons appears to be the very thing that is going against them with the cool kids out there – last time I checked, everything my grandmother made was awesome…. I am sorry if your grandmother wasnt a great baker – but in all honesty anything made by any grandmothers must truly be better than baking with unicorn foals?!?!? I love a good unicorn as much as the next person – but using them in baking seems uncalled for…..

I also love an easy tasty snack, especially if it has less than 5 ingredients & uses one / some of my pretty ladies eggs!



( makes approx 12 snack size macaroons )

100g caster sugar

100g desiccated coconut

1 egg


PicFrame (6)

1) Pre heat oven to 180 degrees & measure out all ingredients

2) Plop all ingredients in together & mix well

3) Form into neat little balls – around 12

4) Put onto a lined baking tray and gentle press down to form little rounds

5) Bake for approx 10mins, until they are golden on top!

6) Make sure to leave them till they are very nearly cool – despite the tempting smell! they need to crisp up on the outside to be at their very bestest!


Now – dont get me wrong, they dont look as pretty as their closely named friends. They dont come in pretty pastel shades and wouldnt really work with rose essence…. but coconut rocks – their texture delights me, AND i didnt have to try them 15 times before they worked out!

Macarons have had their time to shine – budge over for their friendly pal next door Β  Β  Β  Β  Β the Macaroon!

Any one else agree? πŸ˜‰ xx