Make Friends on National Make a Friend Day

So apparently today is National Make a Friend Day! Friends are the best. What with ‘Gal’entines Day coming up we’re all feeling the love here at Day Dreaming Foodie and inkeeping with the spirit of friendship I thought I would come on and tell you a little about myself.  Who knows, maybe you’ll want to come and make friends with me!

National Make a Friend day - come and make friends!

Make Friends with Jools!

I’m a bit creative

  • I love making stuff but I actually spend a lot more time looking at the things other people make and dreaming about making stuff than actually doing it. I especially love to crochet and to sew.

  • My absolute favourite film ever is The Princess Bride. I used to get so excited at Christmas because it was the only time I ever managed to catch it on the TV! I will automatically make friends with anyone who loves this film as much as I do!
  • The first three films from the Die Hard series are a close second!
  • I read. A lot! Give me a good sci-fi or fantasy novel and you might not see me until it’s finished. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are my favs but there are loads of other authors that I love.  I mostly use my e-reader for novels but I need real physical books when it comes to reference material or graphic novels.
  • I did Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-level, and got 2 As and a B.  They were obviously loads of use to me since I’ve literally done nothing connected with them since I left school!

I love Northern Ireland!

  • I have never lived more than 35 miles away from my hometown. I spent 10 years in the big smoke of Belfast but moved home and can’t imagine moving away.
  • Tollymore Forest Park is probably my favourite place in the whole world. I got very excited indeed when I discovered that bits of Game of Thrones was going to be filmed there and even more excited when I found some bits of set when I was out for a walk one day!
  • The beach is nearly as awesome as Tollymore.  It would depress me to have to move too far away from the sea! Watching the sun rise on the beach is so special, I’m really lucky to live where I do.

  • I used belly dance and have even performed on stage! Going to those classes meant I got to make friends with some amazing girls; they are the best!
  • My pyjamas are my absolute favourite clothes. Getting dressed up to go out is the best but I am never as happy as when I’m home again and slobbing about in my pjs. My cheap and cosy jammies are better than any designer clothes I own!

Good Food and Drink are the Best!

  • I’m a little obsessed with good coffee, good wine and good chocolate. There’s no point in scrimping on these things people! There is nothing better than to make friends with a chat over a good cup of coffee.
  • I love Pizza.  It is the best food! At the minute home made pizza is my absolute favourite comfort food. In fact most combinations of cheese and carbs go down well with me. I could never give up cheese!

So if you want to make friends today ( or any day really… ) give me a shout!  You can find me on Instagram and Twitter and here! What are the things that you look for in a new friend?