7 Ways To Make The Most Of Every Moment This Summer

Summer has well and truly arrived!

The sun is treating us to many a sunny day in the run up to the summer solstice. And I for one am glad to be getting out of my knitwear! The summer months always seem to pass me by in a blur… a blur of what exactly I don’t know. But I have promised my self I am gonna take a little bit more notice of the passing time this year. Shouldn’t we all make the most of summer?

Get Fully Submerged

This is top the list for a reason. And goes well beyond summer. Yet it’s something we all need to be reminded of. Particularly in this fast paced, digital world. You don’t always need to be in touch. Instagram will be there when you get back. So please try your best to be there. And be all there.

Play the games. Sing the songs. Listen to the stories. Be there.

Take The Trip

Say yes to adventure. Even when you don’t really feel like it. I’ve never regretted taking a chance to explore. It’s often the days you haven’t planned; that turn out to be the very best. Trust me!

There’s so much to see – that even if we explore every moment we can, we’ll still never do it all… 

Uncover Something New

Go down that road you always pass, but have never ventured down. Take some classes to help you discover a new talent. Take a trip out of your comfort zone. Make the most of Summer by making the most of you.

Enjoy The Ordinary

Take all of the adventures, and embrace the opportunities. But remember to enjoy the ‘ordinary’ moments too. Dinner on the sofa is no bad thing.

That means that I am pretty much advising the odd Netflix binge. Just the odd one mind you!

Be On Both Sides Of The Camera

And I don’t just mean ‘take some family selfies’. Get inventive with those self timers – or ask a friend / stranger to take a snap  of YOU enjoying your summer. Your kids/puppy/plants are beautiful ‘n’ all, but remember to catch you making memories too. You’ll appreciate it in a few years time. As will your kids.

Note that this one is missing a photo… I need to take my own advice here!

Double The Amount Of Time You Spend Outside

Do you spend much time outside? I like to think I do. But realistically there are so may extra moments I could spend exploring the great outdoors. Especially if I want to make the most of summer!

For me this means a little bit of garden development – all to do with food of course. ( Matt is hard at work – as I type!! ) The large shed that used to house Matt’s kiln is coming down; and a large stone dining / sitting area is in the offing! We have our hearts set on a wood burning stove… little by little… Rome was not built in a day!

Record it

Off line. Print the photos. Make a scrap book. Frame a memory. Otherwise it’s all too easy for many a summer to blur into one.

I’ve tried Project Life a few times, and often find the commitment is just to large. But surely we all have time to document our summer on a couple of double spread? Just think how valuable those memories will be to look back on; Especially if you can hold them in your hands ♥

What are your plans this summer? I am thinking I need to write a summer bucket list…..