Mars Bar Buns – Traybake heaven!

mars bar buns

Ah – the great tray bake.

Seldom can a cup of tea be drunk in a Northern Irish kitchen, without a tray bake to accompany it. Something I have only became so aware of since living in Northern Ireland – though I now know they are doted throughout tearooms up and down the UK. And most likely much further afield too…

Tray bakes can come in many guises. Some of which arent even really a ‘tray bake’, such as the extremely Northern Irish 15. (Do excuse the images from the dark ages. I keep promising to update that post – but as of yet I just haven’t got round to it! Maybe this summer will be the time… ) But unsurprisingly my favourites are the ones that include chocolate. And usually either cornflakes or rice krispies #nevergrowup

Mars Bar Buns 2

And my very favourites are …. Mars Bar Buns!

I hope you dont mind me offering forward this recipes for Mars Bar Buns – as I am sure you are already well aware of how to make these little chaps. And it certainly does not take a whizz in the kitchen to out them together. But this is my preferred measurements, and I think they are pretty damn perfect ♥

Mars Bar Buns

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  • 5 Mars Bars (39.4g ones )
  • 50g Butter
  • Approx 4 Cups of Rice Krispies ( or similar - I love the Sainsburys own brand )
  • 400g Dairy Milk ( or other alternative, Dairy Milk is the stuff of my childhood memories! )


  1. Melt the Mars bars and Butter together. Im a rebel, so I melt my Mars bars and Butter in a saucepan. But do this what ever way you feel most comfortable, as burnt chocolate is not good chocolate.
  2. Once melted, add your Rice Krispies cup by cup - until you have reached your desired consistency. I like mine just coated!
  3. Pour into a 24inch square cake tin and gently push flat with the back of a spoon.
  4. Melt 300grams of chocolate with a teeny bit of coconut oil, and use it to cover the top of your traybake.
  5. Use a sharp knife to turn the remaining 100g of chocolate into shards and curls, and use to decorate once the topping has cooled slightly.
  6. Leave to set in fridge, before turning out and cutting into generous squares.
  7. Enjoy!

Mars1Mars Bar Buns 3Mars Bar Buns 4Mars Bar Buns 5mars bar buns 6Mars Bar Buns 7o you have an easy go to treat in the kitchen? That takes minimal baking / cooking – and is always a crowd pleaser? Please share with me 🙂