MEAT Pop-Up Restaurant

Those of you who have read many of my posts will know that 2 things rate very highly in my life

Food & Animals

And often my two loves leave me lost in the middle somewhere! I love a big juicy steak, a tasty roast chicken, a beautifully roast leg of lamb, some exceedingly good kid goat sausages…. the list could go on!

But what I dont love are unhappy creatures or untasty ( maybe not a word?? ) products – I like to know where my meat came from, what it ate, and who its buddies where! That they where cared for during there lives to the last minute, and that the preparation & butchery is taken in hand by someone who cares for & understands the entire process. But it is often very hard to find these elusive folk!

And this, is why I am sooooo excited about a sequence of events that will be running over the next year!


“We love meat but we hate to see an animal’s life go to waste, either through poor welfare or careless cooking. That’s why our menu planning starts on our farm and gives careful consideration to breed selection, quality of life, the dry ageing process, butchery and finally expert cooking of all the cuts.”

Dont they say exactly what I feel!! The first event is celebrating the only native Northern Irish livestock breed remaining – the gorgeous Irish Moiled 🙂


My very favourite thing about these events, is that Joel & William are running a blog following the choosen animal from selection, all the way through to your plate. Currently there are four steers on the short list & you can see them here.

It is important ( to me anyway! ) know where my meat has come from and there is no better way than following their life story! I also hope to learn a lot in the process, from the cute fluffy calves, right through to the gory details of the abattoir & butchery.

So who’s in?

Tickets cost just £35 & the first event is on the 1st of March 2014

To secure your seat all you need to do is call William on 028 9042 1419 or email Joel at

Now excuse me while I wander on over to have a look at the snaps of April & Mays candidates – there are photos of piglets over there 😉