muffins & milk……

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my new love 

Until recently – muffins where out side of my remit! I just wasnt sure what the need was – cake is cake, why mess with it. Cupcakes where for special occasions, where prettiness was needed, otherwise – the loaf cake is where it is at!

BUT – then I realised muffins have a special place in the home – and thats breakfast!

Less butter than regular cakes ( well mines anyhow 😉 ) and not soooo much sugar. Great vehicles for fruit and added oatiness – suddenly muffins seem like a friend I am yet to meet! Couple that with the fact I can make them without getting anything dirty apart from a bowl and a spoon and I am sold!

Raspberry Muffins ( makes approx 8 large muffins )

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1 egg ( whisked ) I used one med ish egg from the ladies

130ml whole milk

4 tablespoons oil ( I used ground nut oil as I had some to use up )

200g plain flour

100g caster sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 handfuls of frozen raspberries ( play about with the tasty bits – frozen works best )

1 small handful of rolled oats

1) preheat oven to 200c – also have your muffins trays ready to go!

2) pop all dry ingredients in a bowl and combine – create a well in the centre

3) pour all wet ingredients into the well and plop in the raspberries

4) stir till just combined – my favourite bit about this recipe is that the mix is meant to be lumpy 😀 over mixing is a sin!

5) spoon into muffin cases till around 3/4 full – pop in the over for approx 25mins


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somewhat healthier ( no sugar full icingness ) – breakfast appropriate ( WHOOP ) member of the mini cake family 🙂

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Oh – and also perfect with warm milk and a fire 😉 cosy winter muffins ♥

I do hope to have a chance to make cupcakes again soon though – a little person close to my heart is celebrating a 2nd birthday party soon – thatd be ideal 🙂 now just to mentally prepare some minnie mouse themed cupcakes in my head!