Local Adventures – Murlough Beach at Sunrise ☀️

Murlough Beach at sunrise

Adventure is good for the soul.

But sometimes it can feel like adventure is well beyond your grasp. Weeks can pass without M & I seeking out any new experiences; falling into a routine of work and little play. But I know that when we make the effort to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and embrace something a little out of the norm – it really does make the difference to our day to day life.

Adventure sounds like a big thing doesn’t it? But it doesn’t really need to be. Adventure can be anywhere; everywhere even! As much as adventure can be huge, expensive and months long – they can equally be small stolen snippets of time spent a stone’s throw from your doorstep.

Those small stolen snippets of time are the adventures that can really enrich our lives. And that is why, from this day forward, I am seeking out those tiny adventures. The adventures we can sneak into our every day without compromise. The adventures that work – even when you are tired, stressed, broke, busy…. ( insert here )…. And hopefully I can share those adventures with you and inspire some adventures of your own!

Cue the first adventure!

Murlough Beach at Sunrise


The sun rises early in May.

This could be perceived as a positive or a negative – but for the purpose of this excursion, being able to have our adventuring done and be back home to attack the day by 7.30 worked a treat!

The planning for this sunrise trip to Murlough Beach started the day before – with an alarm being set for 4am. Sunrise was at 4.54 and since we live around 1/2 an hour from our location of choice and we had 3 pooches to bundle into the car – we wanted to leave plenty of time. In the end, we still wound up rushing down the path to the beach.

It added to the excitement…. honest!


Murlough is a beautiful spot, that never ceases to soothe the soul. There’s the stunning National Nature Reserve ran by the National Trust, full to the brim with wildlife – from serene Exmoor ponies to countless species of moths and butterflies ( it’s actually over 600! ). Couple that with the 6km of blue flagged golden sands and you are onto a winner.

Now picture this combination at 5am. Perfect silence. Not a sound but for the lapping of the ocean. #heavenly

We wandered up and down the beach until the sun had risen and the birds started to sing. Then we scampered back up the path to our car. Very much in need of a coffee and a croissant. Yet satisfied – satisfied and happy that a lot of the world were still asleep, yet we had made the effort to create a memorable experience.

It doesn’t get much better than that.
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I spy more sun rises in our near future, at Murlough Beach and beyond – but perhaps the next wee adventure will be a sunset instead!

Have you chased the sun for your very own sunrise morning? Are you going to? I would love to see your snaps and hear your favourite locations! ♥Laura-Blog-Bio