My 5 Favourite Ways to Unwind

The world is getting more complicated and focusing on what matters can be hard. Even a simple trip to the shops can be exhausting if you aren’t in the correct frame of mind. Did you know the average supermarket has over 40,000 products? In comparison to the 7,000 or so you had to chose from in the 1970’s – that is a lot of extra decisions. And that is only in a relatively unimportant aspect of our lives!

Cluttered brains are not productive brains – so finding some moments to ourselves to declutter is a must. I like my moments of relaxation, gently dotted throughout the week and over time I have been able to pin point the activities that help alleviate the mental clutter!


A bit of an obvious one – but not all baking fits the bill! It has to be something wonderful – yet the easy to get right. I have a few things that fit into this category and I am always collect more. My current favourite are these Strawberry Crumble Muffins. So flipping tasty, and a bit more impressive than the norm. Crumbly topped and full of little pieces of summer! Scones are also a pretty fabulous way to make me happy, my fail safe recipe for them will be coming up soon. So remember to get the clotted cream and jam in because the eating of your baking is all part of the process 😉

Go for a Walk


And it doesn’t have to be a long one either! As little as ten minutes outside can make a huge difference to where your head is at. Dont worry if it is raining, dont let that put you off. Waterproofs on, wellies on – if its winter wrap yourself up and go for it. Green space is preferential, but stretching your legs and taking in a few deep breathes in any part of the great outdoors is a great way to unwind.

Embrace a New Experience

DSC_0541This might be where my idea of relaxations and some other folks interpretation mind  part ways. To me, relaxing is when my mind is not occupied with things that are not happening in that very moment. Such as worries about work or family. And throwing yourself into something new is a great way to clear your mind of all other thoughts – you need all of your thoughts to be able to focus on the new thing.

This is something I want to do more of – Learning and adventuring! M & I have booked to go sea kayaking in July, and I cant wait. Hopefully if I concentrate really hard I wont be too useless…. #wishfulthinking

Read a Good Book


What qualifies as a good book is of course down to your own interpretation. But when it comes to the ultimate in escapism you cant much beat a far fetched love story. Or a pie is the sky adventure! Curl up somewhere with a blanket and a big cuppa tea – let yourself get swept away to another world. Don’t worry, your own world will still be there when you arrive back again 😉

Recent good reads have been The Longest Ride, Eleanor & Park and Me Before You. Currently on the look out for some more novels! Let me know if you have any for me!


Enjoy a Wonderful Meal


Yeah – so you knew there would be another mention of food in here didn’t you? Not much beats an enjoyable long lunch, with people you can talk to. And I meal REALLY talk to – you know the ones? The few people you know who actually listen when you talk? They are the ones that make this meal such a pleasurable way to de-stress.

I am gonna admit something here – sometimes my worries are COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL. And I need some one to tell me to wise up…. And what better way to hash out the weeks dealings than over some good food, and a couple of glasses of wine. Or to plot the bestest way to eliminate your stressers, but that’s all down to the situation in hand!


Sunday happens to be the Summer Solstice – and with the long Summer days shining out in front of us it’s a wonderful time to start a new habit. Reports say that this year will be the first of many to be a clear day, so take that walk to help you unwind. Pull up a seat and soak in the light!

I’m planning on getting up early to take in as much of the 17hours of sunlight I can – and perhaps a stroll up to the top of the gardens to watch the sunset ( which will be at 10.03pm if you are in or near Belfast like me! ).

Do you have any ways you like to unwind? Anything that helps you clear out the mind clutter? Id love to hear about your strategies! 

This post in in conjunction with TheCircle – you can find out more about the Summer Solstice from there here.