My Dream Living Room!

Field Cottage is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived, but that doesn’t mean this little stone cottage couldnt do with a refresh! Unfortunately our living room is a little on the tired side – the slight damp issue means that carpeting the floor is a no go, and somehow we havent got round to tilling just yet…… so the most used room in our house has a concrete floor and a few token accessories strewn about!

We have promised ourselves that the living room shall have a floor before Christmas! Hopefully a lovely terracotta tiled floor – and clearly this has enabled some very excitable window shopping! But as we all know, make overs cost money & in reality the tiles will be as far as our budget will stretch for some time…. But that is where Heart Home comes in with a fabulous competition from Good to be Home ( a fabulous new online home & garden magazine btw! ) – design your dream living room / bedroom for the chance to win the princely sum of £750 on a John Lewis gift card 🙂 Now wouldnt that be a treat!


Living room post jl


1 John Lewis £20 | 2 Joules £17.47 | 3 Cath Kidson £68 | 4 Etsy £495 | 5 Etsy £9.26 | 6 Made £29 | 7 John Lewis £20 | 8 Marks & Spencers £1014.30 | 9 Etsy £9.26 | 10 Cambridge Satchel £149.50 | 11 Juno Records £83.99 | 12 Next £425 | 13 Made £79 |

| 14 Marks & Spencers £23.60 | 15 John Lewis £20 |

My choices reflect our little part of the countryside – carrying our love of animals & the great outdoors into our decor. I know the red chair may clash with my terracotta floor – but Im good with that 😉

Why dont you give it a go? I would love to see your choices!

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition