my favourite chips

make a stand – oven chips just arent good enough

ok so it is easy to whip them outta the freezer – but as long as you have some choirs to do in the house – it is easy to whip up some of the homemade variety

homemade skinny fries

3 large potatoes ( this was lots for 2 people )

olive oil ( for cooking )

sea salt & pepper corns

i choose some potatoes from my local veg shop – they are from comber, but had no sign of their name etc

first a rinsed the earth of the potatoes and gave them a bit of a scrub – i left the skin on – i like it better that way!

then i sliced the potatoes – first in half – the into stripes – then cut again to the desired thickness

then i put all of the chips into a large bowl – and set them in the sink – i turned on the cold tap and let the water run over them until the water ran clear

i used a clean teatowel to dry the chips – before placing them back in the bowl and coating with olive oil – its easiest to stick your hands in at this point 🙂

tip the chips out onto a baking tray ( i needed two ) and sprinkle with sea salt & black pepper

then into the oven with the little fellows!

220c for an hour and a quarter – or until they are cooked through

every fifteen minutes or so you will need to take them out and give them a shake about – flipping the little guys over

sqidgy on the inside – crisp on the outside

and perfect with a scrummy steak 😀