My Favourite Guilt Free Treats


Now – don’t worry – I haven’t jumped on the healthy eating band wagon. There are literally THOUSANDS of people out there happy to supply you with all the goodness you need. I promise to only provide you with recipes and products that make it into rotation in my daily life – and that’s why you are treated to plenty of baking and comfort food. But I also have some guilt free treats up my sleeve. No man can live on cake and cheese alone! Here’s what’s currently in rotation at Field Cottage.

My Favourite Guilt Free Treats

Banana and Chocolate Muffins

Guilt Free Treats

Not all baking is full of baddies – in fact, compared to their shop bought equivalent home made in generally so much less so. Never under estimate the importance of knowing EXACTLY what is on your food. Guilt free treats may not be of so relevant if we were better informed about our day to day diets. These Banana and Chocolate Muffins are a good place to start!

Fruit and Jelly

Guilt Free Treats

Marks and Spencers are responsible for this one. Embracing my inner childhood with jelly, and pretending to be a grownup with added fruit. No complaints here! They also do a mixed berry variation – its my fav ♥


Guilt Free Treats

Easy peasy and so satisfying. A great substitute for the crisps I often reach for. Perfect as a sweet or savoury snack. My no.1 for Autumn is a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon – but paprika or curry powder also work well.

Banana and Nut Butter

Guilt Free Treats

No introduction needed – EVERYONE is championing this at the moment and it is not without due cause. Totally yummy, easy to put together and very satisfying. My favourite for Autumn involves this Keen Almond and Cinnamon Nut Butter that arrived in my ‘Bite to Savour’ Autumn box. I have plans for frozen versions in a loving blanket of dark chocolate….

Fresh Fruit

Guilt Free Treats

A simple one here – and a guilt free treat I am trying to up my intake of. Fruit is easily accessible, and often numbs my sugar cravings. If I have it near by, I would often rather it to candy or chocolate. But the trick is to have some ready to go at all times. Cut up those watermelons or they wont get eaten! I am talking from experience here… If you are near by and need a regular supply of fruit delivered directly to your door – give Flavour First a try. They are my port of call for fruit and veg at the moment ♥

I am always on the lookout for guilt free treats to add to my repertoire – particularly things that are a little more exciting! Let me know what you like to reach for when you have already hit your snacking quota!



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  1. September 21, 2015 / 7:01 PM
    Yes to all of these. I also recommend Oh She Glows Banana Muffin Tops, they're amazing.

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