My Month in Food

Some of my best food moments in the month of April. Id love to hear yours – did you have any stand out meals, or moments in April?


Mauds ice-cream on one of the extremely sunny days we have been having ♥ Chocolate Pooh Bear – mmmmmmmmmmmm

– Meet Gus – I bought a cow, and so should you! Check it out here

– A lovely dinner at Ginger Bistro before seeing Patrick Kielty.

– Croque madame in the sunshine. A great recipe from the last issue of Olive. Comfort food at its best 😀

– Friday mornings are certainly the best time for a trip to St Georges Market if you are seafood addict like me!

Oysters, a glass of wine and a long overdue catch up. A very good Sunday ♥

– Very happy to get my hands on some Broighter Gold #BlackGold – Black Truffle infused Rapeseed oil. So far pretty awesome with scrambled eggs. But more adventurous dishes are sure to follow shortly. Watch this space!

– Lemon cake is a favourite here. The yogurt provides extra yummy moistness. Give it a go!

– SWEETS – from Aunty Nellies. Floral gums are my current craving 🙂

– The best bagels I have ever tasted at Galway Market. One day I will add bagels to my repertoire – and if they are anything like these I am going to be extremely happy!

A super summer salad. Even though we arent there just yet! Perfect for those sneaky Spring picnics we seem to be able to sneak in atm.

– Best Easter egg ever? Shortcross & Norr and Brown ♥

– Picnic blanket, enough said.

– Smoked Almonds are the recipe of choice atm. I am currently tweaking it bit by bit – but we will get there! The perfect smoked almond here I come 😉

#MalbecWorldDay Tango practice – Oh la la!

–  Fancy going to a chocolate factory in the middle of the Burren? More info shortly 😉

– My girls are back into the swing of things now the days are longer. Eggs anyone?

Wild Garlic Pesto on the go. An important part of anyones April! Next up is Wild Garlic Butter….

– Another beautiful evening, another dose of outdoor dining ♦

– My personal patch of wild garlic. Too small for wild garlic pesto – but perfect for throwing into a stirfry 😀

– Some very exciting pear schnapps a friend brought back from Germany for me. Looking forward to enjoying this!

– A fabulously large plate of crab claws at Morans after a wonderful day.

– Goodies from UFUUD. This Luganega Sausage is on my reorder list 🙂

– Smoked Anchovies we picked up at the market from Tom & Ollie. Going to have to pick some more up to try on pizza!

– The kitchen garden …. slowly but surely does it. We are surely very lucky to have this area in the gardens. Though this year I intend to attempt to grow some veggies of my very own! Wish me luck….

See you soon for more food and chat! Including some exciting early May dining 😀