NI Farm Quality Assured Beef & Lamb

Something I harp on & on about to any one who will listen, is the importance of supporting local farmers – their produce is worth seeking out. And the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland ( LMC ) are making it easier than ever for us to make informed choices, with an easily recognisable logo appearing on prepacked meat. And not only that, they have also put together a snazzy new website, with lots of enticing recipes for your Northern Irish Farm Quality Assured ( NIFQA ) Beef & Lamb.


With the tag line ‘ The Natural Choice’ – the LMC are spreading the message that not only is it good to support our local farmers, but Northern Irish Beef & Lamb truly is some of the best money can buy. All that rain is good for one thing, and that is producing lushess pasture for our farm animals to graze. So Mother nature certainly gives our Lamb & Beef a gentle nudge in the right direction – this paired with plenty of hard work & dedication from out farmers, and we are on to a winner!

The Northern Ireland beef and Lamb Farm Quality Assurance Scheme is one of the world’s longest running assurance schemes and was officially launched in 1992 to give consumers assurances about the farm end of the production chain with 3 key pillars: food safety, animal welfare and care for the environment. When you see the logo you can be sure the meat is of premium quality and of the highest standards. Its your guarantee from farm to fork! The below logo should be displayed on the packaging – or if you are at your local butchers, be sure to ask 🙂



So – which recipes do I recommend? These meatballs are certainly my favourite so far. Whats not to love? Juicy NIFQA lean mince meat, mozzarella & pasta – to name but a few of my favourite things. Follow the link above for the recipe, but here are some snaps of the method 🙂 Trust me, it was LUSH! Perfect comfort food for an evening in front of the fire ♥

collage1 Collage2

meatball finished

Apparently 40% of Northern Irish households are yet to try lamb – Ill be sharing my pick of the lamb dishes next week. And encouraging you all to give it a go! At the moment I am eying up these lovely looking crunchy couscous lamb patties <3