one last hurrah!

once it came clear i wouldnt have much longer to enjoy the culinary delights of @derekcreagh at the salty dog – i jumped at the chance to join a friend for dinner

and dinner it was – boy where we spoilt! and given yet more justification ( if i ever needed it ) as to why Mr Creagh is my favourite local chef 

truffled ling brandade

these little salty balls of goodness, sat proudly perched between a lovely crunch

abernethy buttermilk soup with smoked haddock, mussels, leeks, cod tongue & egg yolk

the buttermilk provided this rich soup with a gorgeous texture, the egg yolk adding yet more creaminess – of a posh mans seafood chowder – i could do with another bowl of this right now

maple cured wild rabbit, pickled jerusalem artichoke, gingerbread & date puree

my dining partners first taste of rabbit – very happily received!

lough neagh smoked eel, smoked eel fish cake, horseradish, marinated beetroot & apple epsuma

smoked eel has always been a favourite of mine – & another first for my dining partner. And check out that lovely @mattpottery plate! Brings a pretty plate of food together perfectly 😉

brill fried in brioche with brown shrimp, pigs trotter & brown butter emulsion

this dish was truly sensational – the pigs trotter added an interesting texture, and the brioche gave a warm sweetness to the fish – something i have never tasted or heard of before, but hope i do many times again! I tried my best to extract the method, but was told to wait for the book – is this a hint of what’s to come 😉

i am still trying to work this dish out – brioche batter in pan first?!?!? ….. brill dipped in brioche batter then placed in pan?!?!? i am dying to give it a go… but will i even be successful at making the batter to start with? lol

honey glazed hammed duck leg, with vegetable paysanne & pickled cherries

lemon tart with clotted cream & poached rhubarb

a well executed classic – lovely and refreshing

valrhona chocolate pot, coconut sorbet & coconut dacquois

lovely combinations of flavours – every good meal should include some chocolate 😉

many thanks to Andy & Aidan for helping Derek to whip up such a delightful meal – i look forward to seeing what will become of the salty dog – but i know i will miss one certain chef an awful lot

all the best in the new job Derek – you are sure to excel at your new challenge 🙂