One Word For 2017 – Explore

I’ve chosen a word for 2017.

I know this isn’t a new concept or anything. Infact, I’ve followed Susannah Conway for many a year now, and have always toyed with the idea of selecting a word… Somehow this year seemed right.

2017 also seems to be the year that the rest of the world decides a word is the best vehicle for their hopes and dreams for the coming year. I am nothing if not predictable…

I totally get why people wanna choose a word though. It doesn’t hold the same overwhelming threat a resolution holds over you. Your carefully chosen word can’t disappoint you. It doesn’t matter if you forget about your word for a while. I could select my word, and promptly ignore it for 2 months. He’ll still be there when I get back. Waiting to hear how I’ve been doing. Wondering how I can weave my word into my story. If perhaps my word has been sitting in my subconscious cheering me on…

Yes. I do picture my word for 2017 with little pompoms – encouraging me from the sideline. I promise yours will do the same too.

After much deliberation …. my word for 2017 is ‘explore’. I’m particularly fond of my chosen word. You can expect to find me hunting out a notebook with said word decorating the cover. Perhaps I’ll find a phone case with much the same. I’ll not forget it that way. No siree!


It’s the one word that seems to adapt itself wonderfully to all aspects of my life. To all of the corners I want to address.

I want to go on more adventures. Explore my surroundings.

I am hoping to take up illustration, and have already signed up for a class. Exploring my creativity.

There will be lots happening at A little exploration as to where we can go…

Have you chosen a word for 2017? There’s still time! And a wonderful 5 day email helping hand from Susannah over on her site. I’d love to hear all about your word, and why you have chosen it. Lets create our perfect 2017. #unravelyouryear2017