Oranges & lemons, say the bells of st Clements…..

Ah – nursery rhymes – full of memories – & often random wording!

However – oranges & lemons are the tasty ingredients for my St Clements cake 🙂


Zestiness, balancing nicely with a sweet sugar crust. Easy peasy straight forward sponge with one of many possible tweaks!


170g softened butter
170g caster sugar
170g self raising flour
3 large free range eggs / 5 small Banty eggs
1 lemon – zest & juice
50g caster sugar ( additional for drizzle )

First step – as with all good sponge recipes – cream the sugar & butter until pale & creamy 🙂

Second step – slowly add the eggs one at a time – whilst continuing to mix ( electric mixer on the 1st speed! )

Third step – followed by the flour – slowly does it! Otherwise you could end up with a mess!


Forth step – zest 1 orange & 1 lemon – add to the mix & stir thoroughly. It is best to do this with a spoon / spatula as the zest tends to wrap its self round the mixer – leaving you with less zestiness for the cake! Never a good thing!

Fifth step – pop it all into a loaf tin – and into the oven at 180c / 160c fan for approx 40mins. Or until a skewer comes out clean & shiny!


Sixth step – mix the 50g of caster sugar with the juice of your lemon & orange.

Seventh step – make lots of little holes on the top of the cake with a fine pronged ( is that a word??!! Lol ) fork.

Eighth & final step – spoon the sugar & juice mixture of the top of the loaf!

Once the sugar has sent you should be left with a lovely sugar crusted drizzle cake 🙂