pandora bell fabulousness

an exciting day is upon me

the day my box of goodies from pandora bell has arrived

and what joys has it brought 😀

these little beauties are what drew me to make my order!

i gate crashed a twitter conversation between the lovely @edibleireland from & @backpedalling from

they where lusting after these fabulous little balls of stickiness! & i certainly didnt want to miss out!

these salted butter caramels with fluer de sel are truly scrummy – & not only are they very lovely – the little milk churn type container is just crying out for a permanent space on my shelving

and true to form i can NOT resist sweet yummyness – so i splashed out on a few more treats!

one such thing was this honey nougat with orange and almonds – and i have never tasted nougat of such scrummy proportions! and my, oh, my, what fabulously pretty packaging!

the honey shines through and gives such a beautiful sweetness – without the sickliness you may be afraid of – a real winner which makes me want to try some more

i was very tempted by the beautiful images on the website to order some of the traditional homemade sweets – i went for handmade lemon drops & handmade butter nuggets – both very nice – the lemon drops are lovely and delicate – the butter nuggets are giving me a dilemma, they are something i have never tried before and am now arguing in my head as to whether i like them!

these fruit jellies caught my eye because of their high percentage of fruit pulp – 70% !!!! and with no added colours, and fat free ( lotsa sugar to make up for this dont worry lol ), with the flavour all coming from the fruit – all the flavourings are natural too!!

they are very nice – with a great soft texture, melt in mouth! – the apricot ones are simply to die for!

last but not least – some dark chocolate – a 66% cocoa minimum w/ pure cocoa butter – yet to be tasted – as it was a token addition to keep M happy – but i imagine it to be lovely and i shall be sure to steal a few pieces to confirm it 🙂

not only am i thoroughly enjoying the product – and adoring the beautiful packaging – i also received fabulous customer service from Nicole, who emailed me to address a problem with postage & something from my order that wasnt in stock, promptly sorted everything, and held onto my order until she was able to pop in the dark chocolate for me 🙂

so – the long and short of it is – get your butt over to and order some scrumminess – you wont regret it!

p.s. check out this super idea for cost effective yet truly gorgeous wedding favours