Paris #2 – The Zoological Park of Paris

It has taken me a little while, but here is my second Paris post 🙂

M & I have a bit of a thing when it comes to zoos – more often than not, we had to one when we are away. And when I found our Paris zoo was re-opening in April after a 6year multi million pound make over I knew it was likely to feature in our trip!

The zoo is separated into regions, which is a refreshing way to view the animals. Split into Madagascar, Patagonia, Guyana, Europe and Sahel-Sudan – which is the largest single area in the zoo and home to African savannah roamers! 180 species altogether – over 1000 animals without counting the insects, means there is plenty to see.

On our chosen day we were met with a LARGE queue, as the zoo had been open for less than a month & it was also Easter week! Arriving late on in the morning went against us too, but thankfully after around an hour queuing ( i was super surprised M didnt explode lol ) the zoo is so well laid out that it didnt feel busy once inside 🙂

zebra1 wolf2 tortoiseroof

penguins otters otter2lions flamingo bird ant eaterI know zoos arent everyones cup of tea – and I have mixed feelings on them myself – but I really enjoyed Zoological Park of Paris. Hopefully they can do some great conservation work – after all, this should be a zoos main aim, shouldnt it?