Pet Insurance – A must have in Field Cottage

As you all know, my home & my heart are full of many furred & feathered friends – & all pet owners know how heart breaking it is when they become ill, or get hurt. And also how expensive it can be to put them right again – especially in an emergency….. So pet insurance is really up there with the must haves!


I am fortunate enough to have always had good health & few accidents where my pets are concerned – But this hasnt stopped me insuring each new creature to join our family. Many years ago, i had a tragic accident with my gelding Todd. Unfortunately, his injuries where too serious, and we had to say goodbye. But I am thankful we had taken the step to get him insured. As it meant I could confidently embrace all possible treatments, without the concern of out pricing ourselves – or winding up being in debt. I hate to think that I could ever be in that situation again, but if I am, I need to know I can do everything within my power to make them as comfortable as possible. Isnt that something we all want for our furbabies?

Even if you dont have pets, this video is a cute watch…. Most pet owners that insure with Pet Plan are called Sarah! And most of the dogs are called Archie! Full of neat little facts – my favourite kind 😉