photoswap 2011

at the begining of the summer i was browsing the fabulous Rhianne from fortheeasilydistracted blog and stumbled across entry for a fabulous idea! People around the world, take a film of photos – and then pop them into the post – to be developed by another excited photographer waiting at their post box!  Photoswap!!! This was the 3rd year of the photoswap – and I look forward to the 4th!

my photoswap partner was the lovely Zoe – and she captured some wonderful photos. I was very pleased with my partner – Zoe seems to have an eye for prettiness!

here are a small selection of her photographs – my very favourites ( though it was indeed hard to choose )

the paper planes are amazing! i must really ask Zoe what they are all about!

i love this last picture, it hasnt failed to make me giggle yet

the rest of Zoe’s pictures are all in the flickr group if you want to have a lookie 🙂

yesterday i received all of my photos – i was so worried as my more recent diana mini film turned out a little pants …… but i was very happy with the results of this one – maybe the mini just needs the sunlight more than i first thought

some hay bales up at the yard – im not sure what it is about these photos – but i really quite like them

Cody, Henry & Jess – then just my girl Cody – followed by some crazy double exposure – i think it was a photo of the horses followed by the sky…. it looks a little whimsical to me

another double exposure attempt – 2 of the ancient tractors

little bits of home – it is only when i see it frozen in a photograph i really appreciate the beauty

and last but not least – my little friend Cwtch

 i am excited to use my diana mini again now that i have seen these results – i am off to Galway soon – so i will be taking her out on adventures there 😀