Podcasts for Foodies & Creatives

podcasts for foodies and creatives

I am a recent podcast convert.

I listened to a lot of music in my youth – but my passion for that has run it’s course. I dabbled in audio books – but found a rifled through them at a rate that became somewhat expensive… So the obvious course of action was to do a little research into the world of podcasts!

When I first started searching out podcasts to listen to, I found it hard to find anything I liked… I have put that down to my short attention span, coupled with my android device. Life with my iPhone has been easier. ( No that’s not open for debate.  You love your device and I’ll love mine. )

So – just incase you are in the same place as me & fancy exploring the world of podcasts, I have compiled a handy list for you. These podcasts are mainly aimed at my fellow food fanatics, along with creatives & a few random ones thrown in for good measure! Podcasts for foodies and creatives ♥

podcasts for foodies and creatives

Deliciously Stella

I’m eagerly awaiting the new series of comedian Bella Younger’s Deliciously Stella podcast. If you are feeling over whelmed by the thousand and one people popping up on your Instagram feed instructing you how to #gettheglow, then spend an indulgent 1/2 hour or so listening to Bella. Not only is it a right giggle, but she also bring some REAL LIFE EXPERTS in on the chat. Lots of fun, and gently informative. #winwin

iTunes Link – Deliciously Stella
Favourite Listen – Episode 17 – Bella chats to nutrition consultant Kate Arnold about VEGA machines and the myths on sugar alternatives.

A Playful Day

Just as I compile this post Season 3 of A Playful Day has popped up in my feed! Kate’s podcast is like pulling up a chair with friends. Friends who craft, create, explore and unwind together. This is the podcast I go to when I wanna unwind in the company of someone who thinks like me – or at least how I wanna think 😝

iTunes Link – A Playful Day
Favourite Listen – Season 2 – Episode 8 – How to Have an Adventure!


The perfect podcast for those food geeks amongst us. If you want to know about the history &/or science behind you favourite foods this is where to start. But don’t worry, it’s not too heavy. Easy listening, informal knowledge gaining. A super accompaniment to a dog walk 🐶

iTunes Link – Gastropod
Favourite Listen – Who Invented the Cherry Tomato?

Ctrl Alt Delete

If you are of an age to remember the rise of the internet – Emma Gannon’s podcast is your gateway to a memory lane. She has an amazing line up of talented lovelies on her show, all talking about life on line. Enjoy her chats with everyone from Zoella to Elizabeth Gilbert. Gossiping with friends – the perfect podcast for downtimes!

iTunes link – Ctrl Alt Delete
Favourite Listen – Cheryl Strayed: On Writing, Quotes & Online Tribes.

The Food Chain

BBC World Service is a great resource for all your informative podcast needs. There are bucket loads of good options, but if I was you I would start with the Food Chain. Rammed full of facts, yet still entertaining. Great for picking up facts and figures to annoy your friends with over dinner!

iTunes Link – The Food Chain by BBC
Favourite Listen – Food on the Open Road


It took me a while to locate a ‘blog’ themed podcast that wasn’t too heavy – and was based a little closer to home than the U.S. Kat Molesworth filled that gap with her jolly, yet informative snippets. She chats to people who have made an impact online, and they let us in on their tips and tricks. She also answers viewers questions – which can often be very helpful. Don’t forget you can email in your questions too!

iTunes Link – Blogtacular by Kat Molesworth
Favourite Listen – Blogtacular Episode 004: Monica Stott

What are you favourite podcasts? Any gems to share with me?