Portuguese Chocolate Brownies


Not so long ago a wonderful parcel appeared on my doorstep – that parcel was full of little bits of sunshine all the way from Portugal!

portuguese chocolate

The little lady responsible for this care package was Malfalda – my most recent ( & last for a while ) pairing in the #foodiepenpals project.

This particular parcel had been put together in the most fabulous manner. With my favourite things being some hand written recipes w/ matching ingredients! The first one I was drawn too – surprise, surprise! – was her chocolate brownie recipe. And it’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today!

brownie mix
add eggs
brownie mix in tin

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (4)My first attempt went well – and made me the perfect house guest at a recent dinner party! Who doesn’t love a low maintenance dessert….. Heat slightly, pile on the icecream – Enjoy!!!


brownies gone

Next time I’m gonna add some chunks of loveliness into the equation – I maybe try white chocolate instead of dark! What’s your favourite brownie recipe? And what do you add to make it super fab?