Project Life

Something I decided to embrace in 2015 is the world of scrap booking. Now Im certainly not the type to be tearing up bits of paper, and throwing glitter at pages – even though I do love a bit of glitter! So I needed something that required a little less work to help me formulate a memory bank of my year. And after viewing this post & video from the lovely Lily Pebbles I made my mind up to embark on some Project Life action!

It took me a longer than you would imagine to locate the Project Life folder of my dreams. Mainly down to the fact I picked out my perfect folder, before working out if there was anyway to get it! Project Life fever certainly seems to have hit the UK shores – with Hobby Craft having hardly any stock floating around. How ever, this forced me to find a smaller store – which is really what I should have been doing in the first place. Most of my bits and pieces came from Crafty Charlie with my actual folder coming from Kalulu.

PLife Duo

I have been a little lazy with my layout creating – but since I have decided to do it monthly thats ok! Thank goodness, as weekly tasks never seem to get slotted in, but monthly seems to be something I can cope with. Ive just ordered my January photos from Boots after editing them down with Pic Monkey. It took me blooming ages to work out how to get the 3×4 photos, since no where in the UK seems to print that size! Catch up please photo folks….. Though Pic Monkey turned our to be an easy way to do so. Editing 2 photos using their photo collage thingymabob. I changed the size of the page to 1800 x 1200 and locked it down, before adding both photos, and turning the borders down to nothing. This SHOULD mean that the finished item will be a 6 x 4 print, ready to upload to any printing service – and will only need a quick snip down the middle to leave me with my 2 3×4 prints. They are ordered so we may wait and see! I am hoping for success, but I will let you know either way.


I have started my cover page – with some super cute 2015 inserts I found over here on Nina is a paper nerd – perfect for the start of a new year ♥ Now I just need to personalise this baby!

How do you document your memories? Or are you like me and in need of a kick to start recording those special days?