Provena Gluten Free

provena gluten freeGood Gluten Free products are hard to find. Throughout my late teens & early 20’s, my buddy Emma and I seemed to be on a never-ending quest to discover foods we could enjoy together. My friend Emma has Coeliac disease – and therefore can not enjoy meals containing gluten. I do not, and blooming love ALL of the carbs.

We were 17… We didn’t want to have to bake /make/ create twice… So settled on consuming mass amounts of home made gluten free vegetarian lasagna. Nursing our hangovers in cheesy goodness. I was also a veggie back then… but that’s a story for another day!

Jump forward to 2016 and our tastes have developed slightly. As have our culinary skills! But our want for dishes we can enjoy together has not.

This is exactly why when Provena offered to send me some of their products to review I was more than happy to oblige. A secret quest to discover something great before Emma’s next trip home you might say…

Provena is the expert in oats-based, gluten free cereals, flours and baking solutions – using some of the purest and highest grade of oats in the world. The better the grade of oat the better the taste, and since Provena grow their oats in the middle of the Finnish countryside ( known for having one of the lowest levels of air pollution in Europe ); they give their oats the best shot of becoming wonderful! ♥

Provena Gluten Free Wholegrain Flour

Matt & I have an overnight bread recipe that we use frequently. It makes crusty bright bread with minimal effort ( I’ll share soon ) and the possibility of making that wonderful bread in gluten free form made me excited! Provena Gluten Free Wholegrain Flour thankfully made that a reality, and I know what we are going to be having next time I plan a picnic with Em. Store bought gluten free bread can be so awful…

provena gluten free 1 provena gluten free 2

Provena Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Mix

Everyone loves cake – and yes, that includes people who suffer from Coeliac disease. But I know from experience how fickle gluten free baking can be. The flour always seems to suck up moisture at an astonishing rate…

After baking a batch of the Provena Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins I am happy to announce retirement from dismal attempts at coeliac friendly baking. Chocolate muffins are the new favourite. The texture, the intensity of flavour, the blooming ease of it all! Case closed…

provena gluten free 3 provena gluten free 4 provena gluten free 5 provena gluten free 6

A very positive reaction from all at Field Cottage – I’d be very happy to recommend Provena to anyone who is on the look out for gluten free products 🙂