Do You Remember Play?

Do you need to try and remember play? Day Dreaming Foodie

Last weekend I spent some extra time with my niece. This time was mainly split between watching her, and my father. And also attempting to get involved in ‘play’. And it left me wondering; when do we start having to try to get involved in play? Do we need to attempt to remember play?

My niece, at almost 6, does not have to try to play. It just comes naturally.

Almost every moment has the potential to become play. And if play does not appear to be happening; her main aim is to create play. Whether that be by winding up the adults; and finding hilarity in the fall out. Or tempting a malleable adult into an adventure.

remember play

If you look closely enough, you can see the very essence of fun sparkling in her eyes; just waiting for any opportunity to pounce on anything that may have the potential to bring joy. A pile of leaves, a wooden pirate ship, a bush large enough to allow you to explore it’s insides, a discarded pack or straws just waiting to become swords… only a small number of things that answered the call for fun.

I got involved. Of course I did. She’s pretty hard to resist.

It was raining. I can’t remember the last time I played in the rain. Or even really went out in the rain without being prompted by a dog/horse… However, for my niece, the rain added an extra element. I mean, who hasn’t considered that getting their bum wet could be entirely hilarious… ( yeah, me neither ) But the rain certainly didn’t take away from our enjoyment. If anything, it added to it. Empty climbing frames? YES PLEASE! And, I am sorry to add, this is probably one of the main contributaries to my joining in with said ‘play’. No one there to watch you say? Well, I will happily be a total eejit then…

I think it’s time for us to remember play? Don’t you?

We should all strive to establish more opportunities for play in our weekly schedules. I am sure it can only do good. My inner child is a work in progress; but she is getting more and more airtime! Living in the countryside sure helps…

remember play - tyrella beach - day dreaming foodie

Looking for a few easy ways to help you remember ‘play’ time?…

Spend time with a child. Little kids innately know how to play and have fun. Do what they want for a change. It’s likely to be fun.

Dance like no one is watching. To start with, make sure no-one is watching. It’s more and more fun the more you embrace it!

Climb trees. Yes, actual trees! It’s worth it for the rush AND the view.

Picnic. Indoors or outdoors. Either works. Just make sure you sit on a blanket on the floor. That’s an important bit…

Build a fort in your living room. You don’t have adults to limit your fort building skills now. Curl up inside. Watch a movie. Bring sweets!

Create. For no other reason than to please yourself. If you aren’t creative, try colouring. Make it bright!

Walk in the rain. Jump in the puddles.

Spend time with animals. Dogs are particularly good at having fun. Grab a tennis ball, and a springer – and you’ll soon be smiling!

Cartwheel. When was the last time you tried to cartwheel or handstand in the middle of a field? Too long ago, that’s for sure…

Go for a drive. Think of your freedom in the same way as you would have done as a child. Only you have the extra bonus of your own set of wheels… Adventure time!

I would love to hear what you think about attempting to remember play time, within your busy adult life? How do you do so? Or how will you do so? ♥