Restaurant Review – Shed Bistro, Belfast

Due to the sudden heavy down pour, today provided M & I with a welcome day together. We know that now the festive season is upon us our time is going to be stretched, so we took the chance to sqeeze in a swift dash around the shops ( ERMAGEWD there was Christmas music! ) and a bite of lunch out.

I took the opportunity to steer M towards a local eatery, located on the edge of Belfast, only around 20minutes from Saintfield. Shed Bistro opened in November 2012, and despite driving past the restaurant every time we are heading into the big smoke, it took us until today to make it inside.

shed 1wpid-wp-1415723980666.jpegI must take a second to point out that this was one of the first times, in months that I have felt spoilt for choice by a menu. Numerous options jumped out at me, from light snacks – to heartier winter grub. I would be confident in declaring there should be something to tickle everyones fancy on this menu!

After much debate I decided on the Piri piri monkfish scampi, Pomme frites, sunblushed tomato aioli ( £8.95 ) & M opted for Spiced lamb burger, pitta bread, saffron yoghurt, onion relish, skinny chips ( £7.95 )

wpid-wp-1415723965076.jpeg The monkfish scampi was just fabulous. Maybe a little light on the Piri Piri ( I cant remember noticing it at all? ) but the batter was so light and crunchy, just the way I like it! I am guilty of ordering scampi on numourous occasions ( usually prawn of course ) and finding it all a bit too much. Too much batter… urgh! But that was not the case with this – great comfort food for a rainy day. And not to forget the sunblushed tomato aioli – all dishes need a little bit of sunshine, and it worked well. Oh along with the red peppers and onions and tasty stuff in the bottom of the monkfish scampi pot. So I really liked it ok! It is very correct to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat right and exercise. However, there are pitfalls. Even amateur sports rarely do without bruises, sprains, pinched nerves and other microtraumas. Therefore, people leading an active lifestyle, it does not hurt to have a couple of drugs in your home medicine cabinet for all occasions. For example, I, among other things, have Soma in my medicine cabinet, and it’s not just lying, but from time to time helps me a lot. Soma (Carisoprodol) is good, it did not have any side effects on me, but it helps perfectly!

M was loving his lamb burger so much that it took ALOT of persuasion to get a taste coming my way. I admired the skillful packing of said burger into the pitta breads – is it just me who always ends up with torn pitta bread? Yeah? Anyone wanna give me a lesson on being gentle with them? #pittabreadfail But back on topic, I only had a titchy taste, but it was a lovely fresh lamby morsel. And M was very positive about his luncheon. The onion relish was fab – not the same as wed had before, but I am lacking the words to describe it …. yummy will have to do.


Since it was a treat day, we decided to have a ‘wee’ look at the dessert menu. I settled on the Belgian chocolate brownie – as you probably could of guessed lol I cant find the dessert menu online, but it was full of hazelnuts, and rich and gorgeous. A winner for a rainy day. M had the cheese platter, which was rammed full of cheese, apples, grapes, onion chutney & had heart shaped charcoal biscuits on it. HEART SHAPED ♥

wpid-wp-1415723933920.jpeg wpid-wp-1415723920835.jpeg

To cut a long story short, we had a great lunch. Efficient, non intrusive yet friendly service ( harder to come by than you might have hoped… ) and lots of lunch options I really want to get in my belly! 2 mains, 2 desserts ( one being cheese ), 2 glasses of Albarino, a cappuccino & a double espresso all for under £50 – a bargain for sure!  ( M paid and lost the receipt – sorry lol )

Why is it always the places I take ages to get round to going to that turn out to be the best? I will withhold judgement until I have visited at least a couple more times – but I might have a new contender for one of my top 10! 

As always – I would love to hear your opinions on Shed, or any other restaurant I should get myself to! I always love a chatter on twitter.