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rhubarb love! ( take two )

Matt the duck looking after my batch of rhubarb cordial

I did not add lemons or strawberries to this batch, and help off the sugar a bit – half a cup was all it needed – with 6 cups of rhubarb

it really has a fabulous flavour – essence of rhubarb

and what did I have at the end of this? – that’s right – more rhubarb mush!

so what did I do?

I tried to make a cake – with varied opinions of the success….

It is a yummy cake – but not such a pretty cake…..

so I shall name it

ugly rhubarb cake

6 large eggs

300g self raising flour

300g soft butter

300g caster sugar

5 large tablespoons of rhubarb mush

pop all ingredients (apart from rhubarb mush) into large bowl and whisk

until nice and smooth and loverly 🙂

drop in the rhubarb and swirl through the mix and pop into cake tin

stick it into a preheated oven 200c ( adjust for fan ) and bake for 30mins – before checking with a skewer

a had slight cooking issues, due to our pants aged oven – however the centre of the cake cooked lovely

but the top looks pretty ugly / well done 🙁

I enjoyed with some strawberries, and some more rhubarb mush 😀