Rose Creams Recipe – Sorta?

rose creams 3

Ive always been a fan of floral flavours – fruit gums, lavender & lemon scones and of course – rose and violet creams. To name but a few! So last week I set my sights on Rose Creams – I have the essence for rose, lavender and violet , but I thought it would be best to test the water before jumping in! So Rose Creams were ear marked as ‘the ones’

My point of reference for this recipe – if you can call it a recipe – is the peppermint creams I made as a child. Just dropping the peppermint & adding the rose! I dumped all the icing sugar I had into my stand mixture ( too much ) and added 4 drops of rose essence. You should go lightly with this stuff – its strong! I know from experience ( this batch ) that the more you taste, the more you add, the less sensitive to the flavour your become. So once they are all done and you taste them, you realise you have gone WAY over board with the rose stuff…. trust me, just be careful……

Anyhows – icing sugar, rose essence, followed by egg white! Yup – thats it for now. Not much of a recipe huh 😀 Just add egg white to the mix while your mixer is on a super slow speed. I have a cover for mine – but if you dont it would be for the best to cover it with something – a slightly damp tea towel perhaps…

After that – pop the mix in the fridge to cool down for a couple of hours, before rolling out and cutting into your desired shapes ♥

Rose Creams 1

Now Im sure you could leave it at that – and not bother with the chocolate part. But dark chocolate goes so well, and helps balance the sweetness of all that sugar. But here’s where it gets complicated – for me anyhows…. those cut out little sweeties need to be COLD, super cold – before you try covering them in chocolate. Or they melt – into little squidgy blobs… which admittedly do taste pretty good. But there are only so many rose creams you can eat in a row. And they dont look pretty! And even when they are frozen, you have to work sooooo quickly…

rose creams 4

As you can see from the piccies – it took me a number of attempts to decide on a method. I tried dipping – which often resulted in disaster. I tried brushing the chocolate on – but the rose creams were so cold the chocolate instantly set and left me with weird little lines. Eventually I settled on drizzling the chocolate on, and I think those ones look ok? They certainly tasted ok – but then they all did really 😉

rose creams 5

I promise a proper recipe with measuremnts and all with come about in the next month or so – I need to do a bit of playing about! It certainly made me want to make more sweets though – do you make sweets at all? Id love to hear what you’d recommend – either here or on twitter