Scent Building with the Bearded Candle Makers

The perfect present can be an allusive thing. As friends and family get older, finding something that someone needs, or would really like gets tricky. I know I for one tend to take myself out and buy the odd treat every once in a while ( Read: far too often ) – so if I mention something I happen to fancy, chances are I may have snuck out and bought it for myself at some point!

This means my thinking cap goes on well in advance of birthdays and Christmas. I need to discover something that my Mum / sister / friend hasn’t even thought of yet! Something they most definitely need, they just don’t know it yet. And this is where the Bearded Candle Makers step in.

bearded Candle makers4Almost everyone loves candles right? Especially hand poured, sustainable soy wax candles. And with these scents….. the scents are so flipping dreamy ♥ The time and effort that goes into scent building is incredible! Michael and Mark have amazing noses – Id love to spend some wine time with them, to see what aromas they picked out….


But back on topic – choosing a scent isn’t easy, especially when it is for another person. And this is were their gift vouchers step into the breach. Can you seriously think of anything more indulgent than a personalised scent making session? Is having an expert create a candle just for you something you now need? Even if the thought had never crossed your mind before? Yeah – I thought so!

I treated my Mam to a voucher for Mothers Days, and when we eventually managed to get ourselves organised we bundled ourselves off for a leisurely afternoon in Belfast. With the highlight being our meeting with Micheal – one of the Bearded Candle Makers, in the wonderful Studio Souk.

We spent hours chatting, sniffing and coffee drinking our way through Micheal’s collection of oils – building our own personal scents. Micheal’s expertise and guidance are priceless. He has an understanding of scents like no one else I have ever met – and dealt with our indecisiveness splendidly. Leading us from one scent family to another, advising what would work with what and never once questioning our scent building wisdom!

Bearded Candle Makers2Bearded Candle Makers3

But what did we end up with?

Very different fragrances that’s what! Mams are all fresh and floral – very spring like. And both very similar, she only changed x1 of her ingredients for a second candle. ( Total fail – I can’t remember her exact ingredients, but I’ll pop them in! ) Mine on the other hand are so different to each other. Yet both extremely awesome.

Coffee, Frankincense & Rosemary – The only one I have lit so far, and my living room is thanking me for it. Especially with the outrages amount of rain we have been having. This one smells like a cuddle. That sort of lingering warmth you get from a hug from manly sorta man. Yup – that! I have a feeling that I am going to be requesting a repeat order of this one ♥

Grapefruit, Sage & Tomato Leaf – Yet to be burnt, as I’ve only had them a day. But this candle screams Spring/Summer to me. Fresh and breezy for those days when you want to open all the windows and let nature in.

Bearded Candle MakersOf course the options in The Bearded Candle Makers Etsy shop are phenomenal – so if you fancy testing their wares before making the jump you will be spoilt for choice.. I had a sniff of  their brand new ‘real turf fire’ on Sunday, and if you are looking for something cosy than it is the one for sure! Looking for something a bit brighter? That smells of ‘green-ness’? Then Professor Spout’s Green House is a good’un!

Wanna have a nosey ? Fancy having a chat with one of the lovely chaps? Here’s your chance!

Twitter @beardedcandles

Instagram @thebeardedcandlemakers


Do you fancy a bit of scent building? What are your favourite aromas?