The Food Journal. Seasonal Treats.

seasonal food journal

The festive season is over. That means no more special occasion recipes for a while right?


Valentines day is just arrived the corner. Then there will be Easter…. I feel like Easter is gonna be big this year…. What are you meant to eat at Easter? I’m thinking there needs to be cake… Hardly surprising.

But back on topic. Seasonal Food Journal topic.

BrightHouse have launched their second food journal. I have a recipe in it. One I am super proud off. One where even the photographs make me happy! There are also a whole host of other recipes in there from other bloggers. Some pretty great bloggers.  The journal contains recipes covering five major holidays, so it’s the perfect accompaniment to early year planning. And the recipes just happen to start with Valentines day. Who doesn’t love any excuse for cookies? ( If you don’t you are probably in the wrong place by the way… )

seasonal food journal

Be sure to check it out here – and let me know if you recreate any of the recipes. I have already spotted a few I fancy myself!