Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2015

I have been following the lovely Fab on her #snailmail adventures for sometime – so when this years Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt came along I just knew I had to be involved. Parcels of loveliness are my favourite ♥


Fab sent us all a list – for us to choose 5 objects from to send to our partners. The lady who sent me my parcels, choose nearly exactly the same as me! And I will star what I sent below – before showing you everything I received! I am not sure if my parcel has arrived yet so Ill not share too much!

  • the City Explorer’s Kit
  • Something that represent you*
  • A mix CD with your favorite tunes
  • the Postal Freak’s Kit*
  • the Bad Day Survival Kit*
  • Something quirky
  • Something with – your partner’s – monogram on it
  • Something oddly shaped*
  • Something old fashioned
  • Something to read*

Plus an extra from the list, a gift for your partner that you’ll have to buy based on their preferences. The minimum spending/value is about 3€/4$/2.50£

#SPSH postalfreaks#SPSH COOKING

This was my Postal Freaks kit from Ana – so much treasure I hardly know where to start! My #ProjectLife is gonna look very pretty next month thats for sure! And of course some well timed letters 🙂 The Michael Pollan quote is going up on the wall by my computer – its perfect ↑

#spsh cd

This mix tape is in my car and contains some wonderful songs – Im a particular fan of the Adam Levine song ‘Lost Stars‘ ♥  #spsh me

For something that represents my swap partner she sent this sweet little box with what I will assume are her favourite things 🙂 They are pretty close to my favourite things too – Id just need a few furry faces added in!

#spsh oddly shaped

Something oddly shaped – with two darling little clips – they are currently looking up at me from my work pile!#spsh read3#spsh read#spsh read2

Something to read – a absolute joy! Just check out the talent and creativity! Im in love with the little fold down walking on sunshine lady ♥#SPSH GIFT


A gift of seeds – Ive already asked M for some plant pots so I can get these chaps into the soil for the start of May! A champion sunflower will be mine! lols#spch comfort#spsh comfort2

And last but not least – this wonderful ‘Bad Day Survival Kit’ have you ever seen anything so sweet? I would keep them in my handbag if I wasnt afraid Id sqish them. On my desk for certain 😀

A wonderful parcel – so well thought out 🙂 Thank you Ana – for all your time and thoughtfulness x

Im currently plotting a return package, but its going to take some thinking!! Do you like receiving #snailmail? Taken part in any awesome swaps recently? Id love to know 🙂