Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. A Timeless Classic? #Ad

I’d hazard a guess that everyone reading this post has heard of Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil.

It’s a timeless classic that most people’s grandparents swear by. When I first agreed to get on board with a trial of Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil I mentioned it to my Grandmother. She couldn’t understand why I would entertain a ‘trial’ of something she already knew and loved. This was high praise indeed. My Nan is no soft touch, she doesn’t give her love out willy-nilly!

She is sure that without her daily dose of Cod Liver Oil, she’d be nowhere near the vision of health she is today. And who am I to question such a sprightly older lady. Full marks to Seven Seas for that one.


Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil

But why are these little capsules of Cod Liver Oil something I am yet to add to my daily routine?

Cod Liver Oil is a great way of supporting your bodies overall health from the inside, allowing you to top up your natural resources. Something that is particularly important as you get older; and now I have hit 30 I am suddenly starting to be a little more concerned with the small changes I can make to help my body tick over happily. I am hopeful that Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil will help me live my #TRUEAGE by supporting my health in order for me to continue to stay active, and sample as many new hobbies as possible! A combination of a healthy body, and lots of adventure? Yes please!

Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil is a liquid capsule, so it’s easy for the body to absorb – no wasted goodness sneaking away unused! And as Cod Liver Oil, contains vitamin D, as well as being a rich source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, it won’t only help maintain healthy bones, but will aid normal vision, and brain function. There’s no escaping the claimed benefits are all in areas that are important for us to pay attention to.

I, of course, am the questioning type.

So am happy to challenge both my Nan’s and Seven Seas claims with a trial period. I will report back later with all the low down on how me & Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil have been getting on. I might even be able to share some snazzy new packaging with you. My patients had already had to take many medications (antidepressants). But Ativan does not have these side effects as others. For the first time they are clear in their heads again and could think clearly and felt life and life, even constant vertigo disappeared. I’m a person who does not like to prescribe medication.

P.S. If you are curious about Cod Liver Oil, and the processes behind extracting it, I would highly recommend giving  Food Unwrapped a watch (it aired 9th Jan) as well as BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor, which looked into the health benefits of Omega-3 and fish oil supplements. You can watch the show on catch up here:

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Many thanks to Seven Seas for sponsoring this post. As always, all content on this blog is my own. I only recommend food and experiences to you that I would recommend to my friends and family.