sharing is caring


after i made my wild garlic pesto – i was having a little natter on the wonder that is twitter – and the notion took me – that sharing our creations was surely the most fun thing in the world to do! not only sharing – but swapping!

that way – i make something lovely – someone else makes something lovely – but then *voila* – as if by magic – you both have two lovely things!

AND it just so happens – i had a very lovely friend just waiting in the wings to whip up something yummy to swap with me!

the charming meagan of the row house nest whirled up a beautiful pico de gallo

impossible not to dig straight in!

but i held myself back – until i threw a few things together

and it made such a yummy yummy addition to my chicken wrap for dinner!

so many thanks and loves to meagan – and i hope to do this lots in the future

how could anyone resist turning one treat in to two 😀