Slow Down Sunday – Catching up!

It makes a refreshing change to be sat on the sofa, watching a movie and browsing online – as the past few weeks have been all go! With a fabulous long weekend in Galway catching up on stories of our youth and eating an awful lot of food. To a 5 day break in London sandwiching two exciting games of rugby between two Michelin Star dining experiences. Oh and a dreamy Friday walking around Kew Gardens too.

Dont worry -I intend to do more than a couple of posts about the wonderful places we discovered. Fill you in on all the good times – along with some really great meals I have enjoyed over the past 3 weeks. But for now I am mainly settling back in to day to day life, and detoxing a bit! Food with a little less butter, and maybe a little less wine. For a week or so 😉

But in the mean time – here’s what Ive been up to since I got home. And yes – it has involved cake. But then, does any good week not? 😉

LucindaAfternoonTea Cwtch2orange liliesbumble


Do you need much recovery time after travelling? Maybe Im just getting old, but any sort of travel that involves an airplane – and Im half asleep for at least a week…….