Slowly does it….

Field cottage is a home, it has that homely feel – ya know it. That slightly scruffy edge that lets you know some one lives there….

But our little bundle of stones needs a little bit of polishing, and we’re getting there ….. It hasnt been a quick transformation – my DIY mojo is generally short lived, and comes in energetic bursts of roughly 30 minutes. But this is why the below masterpiece was PERFECT for jazzing up one of the only flat walls in the house!

CUT IT OUT Wall stickersThe lovely folk at Cut It Out wall stickers offered to send me any of their wall stickers – so I could see for myself how easy they are to apply, and how effective they are at lifting a room. Due to most of the walls in our house being bumpy stoniness, I instantly knew it would be a bedroom treat – and after a lengthy debate with the Potter we eventually settled on a sweet, but not too sweet ( very important ) dreamy moon!

The sticker arrived safely rolled up in a postal tube. So with all instructions on line – in under 1/2 an hour I had the full array of the moon & stars on my bedroom wall! Application isnt hard, but it is certainly important to watch the video – it is much easier to learn from watching than just diving in.

And I am happy to say this peaceful little fella has been watching over us for a few nights now, and we are both very happy with the result. He makes the room appear more polished – and I certainly would like some more to pepper around the house. Check out how sweet he looks when inviting us into bed at night!


Id recommend them whole heartily, for as little as £9.99 you can really transform a space – and put a personal finish on a room. Check out some of the childrens options – what a sweet way to up date a room for a special little some one!