So – What’s Coming Up?


Only by a few days though.

It’s ONLY the 10th of January… but doesn’t it feels strangely like New Year, let alone Christmas, were months ago! It is always that way though. Christmas takes AGES to come along. Waiting and waiting for the festivities to commence … Then BOOM, gone.

And it’s new year, everyone’s talking about new starts. New year, new me….

Well not me so much. But I thought I’d at least take the opportunity to show you all the excitement I have planned for the up and coming year. I actually have some posts mapped out for the next few months. That scheduling malarky might just work for me after all. No promises tho!

So – What’s coming up?

What Food? What Wine?


I started this series earlier on in the year and had good intentions to follow on with many more posts in the same vein. As you can see, it didn’t materialise… I intend to post such post once a month from here on in.

In the meantime, you can read the first instalment here. Enjoy some of my favourite wine matches for lamb prepared in a wide variety of ways. Next in line will be chicken. Likely by the end of this week!

Travel – NI & beyond

Visit Northern Ireland

Here’s something else I intend to explore further in 2016. I’ve lived in Northern Ireland for a significant amount if my life, yet I have ventured around very little of it. This post covers why you should visit Northern Ireland. Next up is when I start going on a few more adventures – and take you along for the ride!


rhubarb eton mess

I have a lot of recipes in my brain, but I am sooo terrible at getting them made and photographed. What’s coming up? Me making more effort to make said dishes in a timely manner. AND photograph them to the best of my ability. This Rhubarb and Strawberry Eton Mess can serve as an example until I get my act together.


NI Science Festival

It’s only the 10th of January but so far I have many exciting plans for both January and February. Lots of things I am certain will make for both informative and entertaining posts. A lot of wine tastings are first on the cards, but February sees the NI Science Festival return from the 18th to the 28th.

So far, during the Science Festival I am going to a dinner and talk on Sustainable Gastronomy, the Synaesthesia Cocktails night and joining Sarah and Bex at Gulp! The Science of Food.

2016 is the year of yes – the year of going to more events. So you better be ready for it! I am… sort of.

Is there anything I am missing? I’d love it if you could let me know if there is anything you think is missing from my blog plan. And if you intend to do anything exciting with you 2016 please go ahead and spill the beans!