sole seafood

We took ourselves off out for lunch on Tuesday – something relaxed and yummy was in order – perhaps some seafood! Many options where bandied about, and Sole Seafood on the Lisburn road was mentioned. We had been there once before and had a good experience, and I LOVE the concept of the place.

Conserving the fish stocks, more lesser known but equally yummy fish, kind to your pocket and your taste buds??? why yes please!

On arrival – we where a little disappointed to see, what we thought to be a closed restaurant! However this did not turn out to be the case, just some very bad internal lighting! I can’t imagine a darkened dining room is much of a selling point at lunch time, especially if it leads you to believe the restaurant isn’t open!

sole seafood

(please forgive the bad blackberry photos throughout!)

thou shall have a fishy, when the boat comes in!

The first thing to catch my eye, was this lovely piece of wall art! I like to imagine that these are the local fishermen they use. But I dont know if this is the case.

The waitress was friendly and bubbly, and let us choose our table, in a nearly empty restaurant (there was only one other 2) and left us to cast our eyes over the menu. We were disappointed to be told that the specials board, filled to the brim with tempting treats, was still full of Saturday’s specials, and if we fancied any of them she could check to see if they had them ….. I understand how hard it is to get fresh fish at the start of the week, but the thought of having fish left over from the weekend, probably delivered on the friday…. no thanks. And anyhow, how hard is it to write up some new specials? This said, there where many tempting options on the lunch menu.

We choose some squid to share to start with, which we had adored on our last visit, and it was certainly no let down. A beautiful melt in the mouth consistency with a flavoursome coating. Not the normal salt and chilli squid, it seemed to have a smokey flavour – something I hadn’t experianced before, very enjoyable.

For my main course I choose the sole goujons – the batter was light and had a wonderful, almost curry flavour. I was reliably informed this was due to the addition of turmeric to the batter. A lovely addition!

My dining partner choose the fish cakes – he informs me they where ‘ok’ – lots of different fish, with a crisp outer skin. I even spotted a mussel!

Over all we had an enjoyable lunch, with tasty food – at a good price.

However, the lighting and lack of diners make the restaurant seem lonely and lacking in atmosphere. The portions where on the smaller side, and would not of fed my partner if he hadn’t eaten all of my chips! But then, ladies who lunch on the Lisburn road, most probably eat less than my country boy!

As I said at the start of this review, I love the concept of Sole Seafood, and can only hope it isn’t always as quiet as I experienced at lunch time, so they can keep delivering the variety of fresh fish they promise!

Will I be returning? – yes! I look forward to hopefully spending a Saturday evening here, trying out some of those tasty specials, when hopefully the place has a buzzing atmosphere! And since it in BYO – maybe along side some bubble!