Some new members of the family…..

so – people who follow me on twitter will know i have spent a long time ‘talking about’ adding some hens to my family

it’s a problem i have – i tend to do things by either of the 2 extremes – talk & talk & talk about something, before EVENTUALLY going for it – or jumping straight in with out even thinking.

The hens are an example of the talk, talk, talk wait ages to do thing…..

( the other new fluffy member of the family an example of the other – but more on that later… )


this house moved into the poly tunnel a LONG time ago – i found it on gumtree i had to have it……

it took the best part of 6 months to get varnished…..


but then we went for it! M started off by strimming a patch in the side field….


we had to be careful though, a whole lot of these froggies live there –


Cwtch enjoyed watching – she was limited help…..





Matt did me proud & worked tirelessly until we had a one story pen – and then we retired till morning! Unfortunately I seem to of neglected to take a photo of the finished article – and frankly I am too lazy to pop outside to do so…. ill remember to in a future post

( with any luck that will be the post in which i am celebrating eggs 😀 )



my 4 ladies ( still nameless I am afraid – yup I am a bad hen mummy…. 🙁 )


& my ladies with their handsome man friend 😀

i love them – more than i thought it was possible to love anything with feathers – but nothing currently makes me more relaxed than eating my dinner outside after work with these feathered folk!

( the only down side is that it is giving me MAJOR chicken issues – more on that soon too )