Some things make you smile…. Some things make you cry…..

And some things make you do both!

And my trip to Old Farm in Tipperary was one of those things!

Admittedly, the tears came after a glass or two of wine ( read bottle or two ) & much discussion about animal welfare ( & GMO produce ) – but they where no less important than sober tears! Only easier to brush off lol, the wine did me a favour in that respect!


The smile came from a much happier place – spending time with Margaret & Alfie – absorbing their passion for their animals, their drive to push their company from strength to strength & their wealth of knowledge!

And not forgetting the enjoyment of one extremely fabulous roast joint of pork – you NEED to try the crackling – dreams where made of this stuff! Below you can spy Matt guarding the  big green egg – this baby finished our dinner off to perfection – well that & Alfies skills of course…. 😉


one of my trip highlights was meeting Jemima & her babies – oh my are they adorable!

check out Jemima in the photo on the right below – & some babies beside that – how could you be bad to those faces!

How could you live with yourself if you where……


 That is a question that seems to feature more & more in my life at the moment, & I am sure it is wearing thin on my family & friends

I find it consistently hard to purchase produce that I am sure it is ok to buy – I know supermarkets are evil & so on….

but sometimes push comes to shove & i end up in Tesco. ( I am using Tesco as an example, any big chain would…. ) And i am uncomfortable with how  this makes me feel – and almost even more uncomfortable with how i can feel myself being made to feel for doing so.

And more to the point – why cant I trust Tescos free range chicken to actually be what you & I would regard as free range? Free range should not mean – in a tiny bit more spacious barn with a short period of time to wander outside if you dare  – surely it should mean constant outside space – with only indoor space to dander into if its cold & wet, or to roost at night? I have hens – and if the sun is shining – they are out – it is that simple. In fact when it is raining theyll give it a good go too…

And look at their sausages – on 2nd thoughts dont – itll not make you feel good. They might be free range ( what ever that means to them ) but with less than 40% pork – & some scary sounding preservatives, what is the point? And how on earth at that price….

But, to be honest – what pains me the most, it that if I wish to buy free range, sometimes the only option is a big chain…

it is hard to get back to the farmers, and the butchers can be less than accommodating…. I understand it is a business, and they cant bring in free range ‘just in case’ but gee they like to make my life hard! Even our local market place has stalls that sell ‘free range chicken’ but to find out how free range would be a harrowing task – & can I even believe what they tell me?

Expect a lot more ranting & deliberating on this contentious issue over the next while…… Im currently stressing ALOT about the matter….

And, by the by, happy animals test better – its fact!

( whilst I was writing this piece I was contacted by a charming lady Rita Wild – who has brought a very exciting project my way – i look forward to sharing this with everyone soon 😀 )

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