Sometimes I question myself…..

…..however often i question others…..

recently i have found myself becoming more & more annoying – moving out to the country started it – owning chucks seems to of sealed my fate!

i hassle people

yup thats right – i hassle them

i hassle them about their own morals – this isnt right

the other day i tried to lecture someone about animal welfare… well when i say tried – i just did….

thankfully they didnt take it that way

actually not thankfully at all – i had to check myself so i didnt explode….

the conversation went a little like this

me – guess what, guess what, guess what?!?!?

them – what?

me – i have reserved a kid!

them – a kid?

me – yeah!! like a goat – a baby goat!

them – oh right, why?

me – so i can make curried goat! I am super excited! I have never tried goat – i am going to have a curried goat party – wont this be the best thing EVER

them – but why is it reserved? and why would you eat goat?

me – hes still alive, i wont be getting him for 2/3 weeks

them – how can you do that? knowing something is happy and alive, but planning to kill them?

me – thats the point right…. i know hes happy and alive – as opposed to sad, half alive, abused – intensively farmed – shrink wrapped in the supermarket…. dont you even buy meat from the butchers?

them – oh no, but thats why i buy from the supermarket – its like a product, i dont have to think of it as an animal

me – *bangs head of wall repeatidly*

this is the general gist of the convo, only kinda condensed! – am i crazy? or is the whole world crazy and their are only a few sane ones trying to stop themselves banging themselves out against the nearest wall….