Strawberry Crumble Muffins

Not so long ago now, I wrote a post about my new found relationship with Muffins I harped on about why I loved them & how exciting it was to have discovered a cake, that wasnt really a cake………. that it was ok to eat at breakfast time!

But, typically, I couldnt leave them at that – I needed something that felt a bit more indulgent. A little bit richer – and that is how the Strawberry Crumble Muffin was born!


I had seen muffins with a crumbly crispy roof before – heck Id even eaten them! But I had never stopped to think about where that crunchy crumbly goodness was coming from, and why mine didnt include it. But with a few over ripe strawberries crying out for some love in the bottom of the fridge – I decided that my muffin recipe needed a revamp….. AND they had to have a crumble!

crumbleLook no further – this bad boy, is the secret to all your muffin types dreams – trust me on this one!
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I actually got half way through editing & uploading the photos for this post – before abandoning the post to go & make a fresh batch. ( This time with sweet sweet little cherries *licks lips* ) They really are that awesome! And they still only use 2 bowls – ok so it is double the amount of the first muffins. But double the amount of not much washing up, is still not much washing up 😉


image (20)


image (21)

Please excuse the *approach – its meant to say approx. But Im a bit of a numpty sometimes, and I cant face typing it up again, as the apps so fiddly lol.


Totally undecided on this kinda lay out, but y’all gotta try something new once in a while! Let me know what you think – and most important of all, let me know if you try the muffins. I promise they are AWESOME! And still passable as breakfast – or they better be anyhow, as its all Ive eaten all week 😉