Sunday Slow Down – Breakfast at Poachers Pocket, Lisbane

At the moment Sunday is the only day of the week that I really get an opportunity to really kick back, and do as I please! So I have promised myself to take Sundays easy for a while – Slow down, smell the roses, spend time with my nearest & dearest. Do stuff for me… And thats how this new series of posts was born.

Slow down Sunday – reclaiming a day that’s simply for me….

And a couple of weeks ago I started this traditional in fabulous style – M and I took ourselves for a little drive to a local spot for breakfast. Not many places open for breakfast in this little spot of Northern Irish countryside – but I had done my research and new the relatively newly refurbished Poachers Pocket in Lisbane.


As usual, it took my a flipping age to choose – The pancakes and the granola were super tempting, but in the end we both went for the Poachers Ulster Fry! Very enjoyable, and Danny’s BBQ beans were fabulous. The touch of sweetness was the perfect addition to the meaty sausage & thick bacon. It was a super fry – not too big, not too small, and not fried at all. And it kept us going till late afternoon – along with the sourdough bread we sneakily bought in the deli on our way out. Im a sucker for sourdough, and it was still warm…. enough said!

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What do you like to do on a Sunday, or any other chill out day? Any things I should be indulging in soon?