Sweet Paprika Beef #Mailleflavours

PIC13Creating dishes is fun, and something I tend to do a lot of the time ….. very seldom can a recipe be followed in field cottage, without some kind of alteration being made – or extra ingredients added in for giggles

So when a brand tasks me with creating a dish – I am very much within my comfort zone. And when I get to choose my ingredients, from a list of many temptations. It makes it even easier! Well…. I say easier…. What I mean is the creation of the final dish was easy – picking an ingredient not so…. Maille have such an extensive list of goodies Im still lusting after one of two ( mainly this one )

However, as you will see below, my choices worked out pretty well 🙂


350g steak pieces

2 onions

2 red peppers

2tsp smoked paprkia

2tsp fennel seeds

4tbsp Maille cider vinegar w/ honey

25ish Maille extra small recette gourmande gherkins

300ml vegetable / beef stock

450g of your favourite pasta



1) Pop your hob on high, and leave to heat up while you slice the onions into half moons

2) Drizzle some olive oil into the pan – add onions, fennel seeds & smoked paprika. Smell the beautiful aromas…..

3) Add your steak pieces to the pan to brown. Be sure to mix & coat the meat with seasoning.

4) Once all meat is browned, pop it all in your slow cooker! Turn your slow cooker to high, add your stock ( make sure most of the meat is cover, if not dont be afraid to add more stock, we will be reducing this off later. )

5) Cover & leave for 3/4 hours – relax! Go about your daily tasks, take the dog for a walk, read a book, whatever!

6) Check your meat is exceedingly tender & scrumptious ( tougher meat may take long ) & move the yummy mixture back onto the stove top. A saucepan is ideal, and make sure the heat is high!

7) At this point, add 4 generous table spoons of Maille cider vinegar w/ honey, stir through, and leave to reduce. Keep a close eye, checking on the pan every 5 minutes or so. As often the sauce will seem to suddenly change from plentiful, to nothing! We want just enough to coat your pasta. Studies were conducted, after which 80% of men confirmed that Levitra (Vardenafil) improved erection and their sexual life. Levitra has medicinal properties, as it can positively affect any health problems.

8) Once you feel you have your personal fav amount of sauce remaining, turn the heat right down to low, and cover. Now is the time to cook your pasta of choice. I choose fusillo-napoletano because we stock it in work and I cant resist its curly goodness….

9) While the pasta is cooking, get your chopping skills at the ready & slice up some Maille extra small recette gourmande gherkins ready to garnish your dish – they really add a great texture change, a welcome crunch!

10) Drain pasta, pop it into the pan with your beef yumminess, and mix through. Serve with a sprinkling of mini gherkins

DONE! Enjoy x


PIC12Apologies already for the naff name – Ill change it when I get inspirations! Suggestions welcome!