Taking stock – a list of ‘ings

I spotted this sweet little list by Catherine over at For Bella and Will and thought itd be a cute way to kick of the year

Making : My first crochet blanket – its cream & rust & is going to be sooo cosy. Big love for Mamma Bear for being the teacher 🙂
Cooking : Alot – I have some extra free time atm, so baking binges are on an up!
Drinking : Well on Saturday night I was drink toooo much Prosecco – my li’l sis is getting hitched on Friday, so we had a bubbly fueled slumper party. Though there wasnt much slumbering – Im too old for 5.30am bed time – zzzzzzz
Reading: Make My Wish Come True by Fiona Harper Yup its Chick Lit & Yes its Christmas orientated – Im not apologising 😉
Wanting: A big glass of very chilled Donnhoff Riesling Kabinett – but Im trying not to drink till the wedding. Bloated bridesmaids are not cute….
Looking: At my blog way to much – shes undergoing a revamp 😉
Playing: With my new FitBit Flex – may it make me more active! Or at least keep me amused!
Deciding: When I should open my Lindt orange dark chocolate – now, or in 5 mins…..
Wishing: My sister a very happy day on Friday, her wedding day
Enjoying: My extra days off work – for the moment at least
Waiting: For inspiration, as usual…..
Liking: Warming my bum by the wood burning stove
Wondering: When there will be a nice bright day for me to take my new camera for a dander
Loving: My home, our cottage is nearly perfect
Pondering: What to do with my life…. oh the deepness of it all!
Considering: Whether to get a french manicure for the wedding, or a little bitta sparkle – something tells me french is a bit more sophis
Watching: The 3 Muscateers
Hoping: For sunshine on Friday – currently it is wet wet wet
Marvelling: At the little birds outside – a little bit of nonseasonal mildness & their pretty song rings out
Needing: Not much – Im sorted
Smelling: Stinky Cwtch – living on the middle of a damp field, does not make for pups that smell of roses
Wearing: Track suit bottoms & a big cosy woolen jumper
Following: the leader, the leader, the leader, following the leader where ever he shall go
Noticing: That the snow drops are coming up already!
Knowing: This Spring is going to be a good one for me n my girl Cody ( my horse )
Thinking: That this Heineken Cup is going to be a good’un
Feeling: A little worn out – but in a good way
Admiring: My bridesmaid dress – whoop! Though where I am gonna fit the 6 course meal is beyond me…..
Sorting: Out my blog, tadah!
Buying: Tooooo much – as usual…. must curb the habit – not got the cash!
Getting: Tired, at 9.30…. Im old for a 27 year old
Disliking: The rain, that just keeps coming
Opening: Parcel after parcel of stuff I shouldnt of bought lol
Giggling: At the chucks, they are always so funny
Feeling: Excited and nervous – yup another wedding type answer, Im sorry but its weighing on my mind lol

I like this little run down – might it be a sweet monthly addition? Itd be funny to see how it changes through out the year. I am indeed a fickle being …….