Taking Stock


Last January I posted this list of ‘ings’ – so I thought Id give it another go just under a year on. I have a feeling not much has changed! Originally I had intended to do one of these posts a month, but I think itll work better as a yearly or 6 monthly thing. Because I am a creature of habit and I dont change so much from month to month!

Making : My first crochet blanket – yup that is the same answer as last year. But this is the year I eventually finish that beautiful rust coloured blanket. I have made a few things inbetween though! Honest! And this year I am gonna try and be a little more crafty. I will keep you updated, but with the help of Jools I will be a force to be reckoned with!

Cooking : Less than ever – once the post Christmas haze has lifted I am gonna have to get my baking / cooking hat back on. I miss spending an evening in the kitchen.

Drinking : Tonight I shall hopefully be drinking a big glass of red, to go with the lasagne I made a couple of days ago. Its not just any lasagne either – with Real Italian Foodies mozzarella & Italian sausage its a good’un.

Reading: Only just started Me before You, Jojo Moyes – Ive heard such good things I am hoping itll be enjoyable. Before this I was mainly reading Christmas chick lit. Im an addict….

Wanting: A few extra days off to recover from Christmas – and I dont mean to recover from the partying. My brain just gets in a right muddle over the Christmas period. Im finding it hard to adapt back to working life, despite only having a few days off.

Looking: At ovens – my mum and dad spoilt us a lot this Christmas, and some of that spoiltness meant that I can treat myself to a new cooker! After living in Field Cottage for 4 years with an old old friend with no fan and a grubby top I am sooooo excited about my new oven and I’s future together. An oven that hopefully stays at the temperature I ask of it… lol

Playing: Hopefully some scrabble this evening. I bought M scrabble for Christmas, and despite being a little useless at it, Im hoping it will provide some entertainment in the evenings. As long as we can stop the pups eating the pieces that is!

Deciding: What to do with my life – yes seriously – yes still! lol #quarterlifecrisis

Wishing: Id spent some extra time mastering my sewing machine this year… this is the year ladies and gents!

Enjoying: All of the fabulous foodie gifts M & I got for Christmas – there will be nothing but good food for some time yet 😀

Waiting: For inspiration, as usual…..

Liking: The fact one of my bestest buddies is currently home & we are going our for breakfast in the morning ♥

Wondering: How long it will take me to finally improve my photography. That said, when I do look back through my older posts, I can see I am slowly improving 🙂

Loving: Sorting out our home – the much unloved back bedroom is being jazzed up into a bit of a blogging and crafting room for yours truly. A bit excited to say the least!

Pondering: What to treat M to for his birthday….

Considering: What desktop to treat myself to. Im looking forward to having some seperate space for blogging – so I can apply myself to each post properly, rather than doing little by little!

Watching: Nowt

Hoping: For a nice frosty start to the day tomorrow, so I can bounce up early and walk my girlies!

Marvelling: At nature, as always

Needing: Some more layers! Today is cold cold cold….

Smelling: The warmth coming of my cup of tea – surely it isnt just me who talks about how cosy smells?

Wearing: Black skinny jeans and a big aran like jumper – practically my uniform this time of year

Following: the leader, the leader, the leader, following the leader where ever he shall go

Noticing: The gardens starting to awaken already

Knowing: That I need to learn to chill out a little, and trust myself.

Thinking: That Im looking forward to getting the first few weeks of 2015 out of the way. There is something about a new year that makes me nervous.

Feeling: Content

Admiring: How large our spare room is now that we have cleaned out some of the clutter!

Sorting: Out my mind for the year ahead.

Buying: AN OVEN !!!!!!

Getting: Excited for the slowly lengthening days

Bookmarking: Anything to do with a pizza oven!

Disliking: My cold feet….

Opening: A parcel, this evening. Online sales shopping 😉

Giggling: At the chucks, they are always so funny

Feeling: A little snoozy – early to bed after a long hot bath anyone?

Id love to see your #TakingStock posts so be sure to let me know if you give it a go 🙂